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Top 10 Common Mistakes In An Interview

Interviews can be tough sometimes. However, there are many common mistakes that people make and end up losing the interview. The following are the top common mistakes in an interview.

Poor Dressing– proper dressing is very essential in every interview. Potential employers always look forward to smart employees and dressing is one of the ways of evaluating being smart. Physical appearance speaks volumes and creates a permanent impression if meeting someone for the first time. Many lose a chance on interviews by showing up in casual clothing. Be neat and professional.

Taking the Interview as a formality– Several interviewees do not take the interviews seriously and think it is a formality. Some start thinking of how they will spend the money from the new job. This is a mistake. Only think about the money when the job is already in your bag.

Arriving late– arriving late for the interview is one way of telling your potential employer that you will always be late for work. Besides making you to appear disorganize during the interview, late arrival makes you panic and finally become unable to express yourself.

Inadequate preparation– This is a major mistake at any interview. Not being familiar with the job description of the position you are being interviewed. This mistakes results in a blank stare instead of illustrating your past experience, abilities and strengths that will enable you to deliver well.

Too Much Modesty– interview time is not the time to showcase your humility levels. Rise and sing your praises. Tell them everything you have accomplished and how you intend to help your employer to achieve the set goals and objectives. It is your time to shine.

Too Much Talking– As much as it is your time to shine, be careful not to talk too much. The conversation in an interview should be two-way but most interviewees start blathering due to nervousness. To avoid too much talking, you should sit calmly, listen more carefully and respond to your questions thoughtfully.

Trash talking– Revealing the misfortunes that begot you by your previous employer may cost you a job. Even if you hated your former boss, the job interview is not the right place to launch your complaints. Explain why you were fire thoughtfully even if it was at the expense of your own mistakes.

Failure to Answer Questions– Answering questions correctly is one thing and another thing to skip answering questions. If you do not know an answer to your question, tell your interviewers frankly instead of becoming anxious and beating about the bush. Acknowledge that you do not know but your know something else. After all, they do not expect you to know everything.

Not Asking Questions- Even with the most comprehensive an appealing resume, interviewers expect candidates to ask questions during the interview. Have a few questions in your mind to ask your interviewer. Failing to ask questions shows inadequate preparation.

Not Showing Enthusiasm– Interviews give a chance to showcase your personality. Remain polite and upbeat even when the interview was tough. Show your enthusiasm for both the opportunity for the interview and the job. Say thank you to your panel!

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