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Party guide for shy people

It is great when a fun-loving person goes to a big party and becomes the center of attention – the occasion becomes a huge success and you have The Great Gatsby type of fun in no time. On the other hand, what about people who do not enjoy attention – what are they to do at big parties they could not avoid? Here is a quick guide aimed towards shy people and how they should behave at parties, with a couple of dos and don’ts they should pay attention to.

All In
When invited to a party, no matter how big or small it is, do not deny the invitation just because you are shy. Yes, you can be socially awkward and sometimes inappropriate around people, but that does not mean you do not know how to have fun. It is just that your definition of fun is different from everyone else’s, which is still no excuse. Accept an invitation, dress the best you can, wear your finest smile  and try to blend in – after some time, nobody will notice anything peculiar about you. Everyone will be focused on their own good time, and so should you.

Do Not Change
Never change who you really are and alter your behavior because of the party. Accept your shyness and specialness and do not hide behind it. You do not have to do a drunken dance on the table, but act appropriately and be nice to those around you. After a few parties, you will realize that you are loosening up, opening up to people and becoming less shy.

Try Fun Activities
Renting various party props is very popular in Australia and you can easily find yourself at this type of party where you will be expected to do something out of your comfort zone. Try not to panic, but embrace the occasion as a chance to have a nice, anonymous fun – especially on a party with sumo suits. Muster up your courage, get in that costume and charge on the other wrestler! You will certainly have lots of fun without anyone knowing it is you under the inflatable suit, so it is a win-win situation.

Meet Someone New
Big parties are a great chance to meet someone new who does not know how shy you are. Approach a stranger, talk for a while and decide whether they are worthy of your time. Knowing how to engage in small talk is important at these situations and finding a good conversations starter means that you will soon find something in common with new people. You might even realize that you could easily bond over similar interests in music, film, literature, sports, etc.

Adaptation, Not Change
Shy individuals should never try to deny their true self just to be liked by others, but, on the contrary, stay true to themselves and adapt to the occasion. When on a party, try to spend time with people you know, meet someone new, let yourself go and take the opportunity to reinvent your social image. This process takes some time, but is doable, one party at a time.

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