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How can a baby help you to become a better person?

Yes, having a baby is a big, probably the biggest change that can happen in a person’s life. And, yes, it is natural that you are feeling nervous and keep worrying and thinking about how will good you manage. Still, looking forward to this beautiful, permanent change in your life is the only feeling you should have because your life is going to be richer and better, to say the least, and you have a great chance of becoming a better person. Here is how baby will make it happen.

During pregnancy and especially when the baby comes, your priorities and responsibilities will fundamentally change. You will no longer put yourself in the first place in any situation; your mind setup will permanently become not what is best for you but what is best for your baby and you. Selflessness is a great feeling and you and everyone around you will surely notice the change, no matter how subtle it may be.

New dimension of love
From the moment you see your baby for the first time you will discover a new dimension of love, one you have never experienced before. No matter how many time you had seen it in the movies, read about it in books and magazines and heard about it from your friends and family, nothing fully prepares you. Neither will these lines. Still, it is inevitable and you will embrace it with open heart. Your love will evolve, but it is eternal.

Brand new energy
Even thou there will certainly be moments when you will feel completely worn out and at the end of your strength, every morning will bring new inspiration and joy. You will be surprised by this new type of energy you seem to extract every time it is needed. This special bond with your baby is a supernatural recharger. For example, almost all tiredness will be gone after just a half an hour nap with your little one on his or her Bubbaroo baby blanket.

Seeing the bigger picture
Both perspective change and this new dimension of love will change the way you look at the world in general. Gradually, you will start to see the bigger picture, go beyond individual issues, and even neglect them in order to focus on more important ones. You will not be bothered by small things, other people’s lives and problems in a manner that they become the center of your attention. No, your primary focus will become your family’s well being and your place in this bigger picture. Another refreshing change, with new responsibilities, yet void of trivialities.

Rediscovering the world
To put it simply, there are great chances that your baby will rejuvenate you. Rediscovering the world again through your baby’s eyes feels as if you were born again, remembering your childhood one more time, along with some moments and feelings you had not felt or thought about in years.

You and your baby are here for each other. It is a two way relationship, keep it a loving and caring one and both of you will benefit from it.

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