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Dress code for summer team building corporate parties

Even in this recovering economy, many companies still tend to organise team building activities. Team building has a lot of good sides, and especially if you are an intern or a new employee you can easily benefit from it.

However, being a newbie in the company, you probably do not know how to dress for such activities. Here are some ideas depending on the type of activity your team is going to build itself upon.

Mind the occasion and the location

When it comes to team building venues, the options are numerous. Your company can organise team building activities in different locations, but in one as well. So, if you do not know what you are going to do (if they are keeping the secret to themselves), ask a friend from the HR to give you a hint.

If you are going outside of town, check out the weather forecast and do not go unprepared. For example, if they are taking you to a skiing event or some other activity which involves snow, you should completely forget about the sturdy office style and find clothing that will match the weather.

If you are spending the weekend in a spa, you cannot go wrong with a casual dress code. If your company has a tradition of a Casual Friday, you can take the clothes you usually wear on Fridays, so that you do not have to prepare something extraordinary for the team building event. This way, you will save some money and be totally cool at the event. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

Pool activities

During the summer, the odds are that you are going to be involved into some pool-side activity. The trick about pools is that you are going to be hot, like, a lot, but you do not want to reveal much to your colleagues.

If you do not have any ideas what is modern this season, and do not have the time to go window shopping, you can check out nice swimmwear online at and easily order if you happen to like something.

Look for neutral colours, such as black, gray and white, but dark blue can work just as well. The point is not to attract much attention and be colourful as a parrot.

Lunch or dinner party closing up

When the time for the closing comes, there will probably be a closing lunch or dinner organised. At this kind of event, people are supposed to feel relaxed as much as they can, but the trick is that this is still a company event, so you should pay attention to your garment.

The absolute worst option you can find is completely casual combination of sweat shirt, pants and sneakers. In order to avoid a white tie/black tie disaster, you should find measure in casual polo shirt and neutral (black or gray) trousers. And as for the women, polo shirt and a neutral knee-length skirt will do just as well.

And finally, remember to be relaxed and try to have fun. After all, team building events are not about the clothing or the shoes, but about making friends and making your team stronger.

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